The Xtreme Polesetter II has been designed to keep crew sizes small while increasing productivity. The Polesetter II is built to function in the most extreme conditions with ease and safety. A low center of gravity, steel tracks and full featured boom remotely controlled by the operator can complete a demanding job with ease and in record time.

The Polesetter II's compact design and low center of gravity make it possible to traverse steep and difficult terrain with ease. All functions can be operated by remote control promoting operator safety. 

The versatility of the Polesetter II provides the ability to excavate the hole, set the pole and attach the wires all in one operation.

Transporting The Polesetter II easily and quickly was one of our design objectives. The compact design (7' high x 8.5' wide) and weight of approximately 28,500 lbs. can be hauled on a tandem axle truck. A Stellar Shuttle Lift system will make it easy to load and unload the machine close to the work site. 

An easy to operate hand-held remote manages the movement of the PolesetterII. 

A separate remote manages the boom functions once the Polesetter II is in position. This also provides control of the bucket for the lineman. 

All boom functions can also be controlled from the ground if needed. 

Hydraulic tool circuit provided. 

A 30,000 lb. winch is front mounted should the machine become bogged down in a wet location. 


The Xtreme Polesetter II was designed to benefit utility companies and contractors who need to work in extreme conditions. Whether it's in a confined area, steep slope or in a wet location, the Polesetter II is designed to function with a small crew, maintaining high production levels and provide maximum safety.

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